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Mourning Divine was founded in September, 2009 by Natalie Roeder. Natalie was born in the "Five-Country-Area" called Transkarpatia. She had her first piano lesson at the age of 5. At the Music-Art Academy for children she learned to play violin and piano. She immediately developed a passion for piano and already started to compose for that instrument at a very young age. The unstoppable drive to compose was the reason for her pursuit of studies at the Academy for Music Theory with the side-subject of Piano. After her graduation she taught piano, keyboard, music-theory and music-history at various schools throughoutGermanyand now she is also leading a choir and an orchestra. Natalie's idea of starting a band first originated in 2008. A couple of musicians answered her internet ads and they would meet. Some of them were not comfortable with the idea of a female composer creating "Hard and Heavy" music but nevertheless, this was her project and she was determined to see it through. Mourning Divine's second member was Natalies Boyfriend, the French- born Lead Singer Olivier Tonnelier. He moved toGermanyin May, 2009. Olivier who's part French and British, was born close toParis. He spent most of his life in Sainte-Mere-Eglise in Normandy,France. There he started to sing at the age of 17 in different bands ranging from Punk to Death Metal bands located in Cherbourg and Caen inFrance. After his move to Germany Olivier started assists with writing lyrics, while Natalie handled composing and arranging the music.
In November, 2009 Guitarist, Ronny Lenz from Schleiz joined the Band. Ronny played in some Metal and Cover Metal Bands in Thuringia. He took over the lead-guitar duties and most of the solos as well. In February, 2010 Ronny brought his longtime friend along to rehearsal, the bassist Norman Tambor from Liebengruen inThuringia. Tambi joined the band one week later. Beginning of October 2011 Guitar player Alex Foettinger joined Mourning Divine. In a very short time he proved that he was a very talented Guitarist and supported the Band as Solo and Rhythm Guitarist.Due to his newly commenced studies and because of lack of time Alex left the band end of February 2013. The search of the last missing band-member - the drummer - was harder than expected. Between May and October 2011 five drummers auditioned for the position. For different reasons none of them worked out. The drummer Florian Pasold joined the band in November 2011. Florian played drums for over 5 years with "Toth Amon". He is one of good friends the band has known for a couple of years. In March 2013 started Mourning Divine’s side project called Ghátar. In May 2014 bass player Norman Tambor left the band after 4 years membership. In September 2014 drummer Florian Pasold left the band due to his privat Situation and different plans for the future. In September 2014 Ghátar turned into Mourning Divine with Olivier Tonnelier on bass guitar and Martin Roßbach on drums. In July 2015 the bass duties have been taken over by Timm Runge from Hamburg. On the 7th of November 2015 Mourning Divine released their Album "Death does no deal" And the band continues to go its way.

1. Leaving Brightness
2. Death Does No Deal
3. So Called Friends
4. Shine My Star
5. Sopor
6. Rainbow Child
7. When the Worlds Ends
8. King of the Underworld
9. Distant Traveler

(Special thanks to Natalie)


Official Website: http://mourning-divine.com/

Ronny Lenz - Guitars (lead & rhythm)
Natalie Roeder - Keyboards, Vocals
Olivier Tonnelier - Vocals
Martin Roßbach - Drums
Timm - Bass


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