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In the origins of our reality, an ethereal and supreme being descended to a soulless world to supply the matter with the continuous and inmortal spirit that pervaded its ideal reality. That is the world human beings inhabit, along with all the creatures that surround them carrying within them a portion of the eternal spirit. When a living creature dies, its outworn soul, turned into dust, leaves the matter to return to the  ideal reality thay is its origin, where it will regenerate and merge with the rest of the spirit, only to split again. This journey, this process of destruction and creation, does not take place in space or time, but in a certain point sustained in dimensions unknown to human beings. This instant is the Age of Dust.
Symphonic metal band from Barcelona, with its roots inspired by european symphonic metal bands such as Nightwish, Epica, Xandria and Stream of Passion among others.
Founded around mid 2010, the band features female vocals both in operistic and modern styles, male vocals with death growls, modern and lyrical style, powerful guitarsand meodic bass lines. Everything supported by intense choirs and and orquestration written by the members of the band.
After years of work, in 2014 it is decided to record a debut album in the Nowhere Music studios in Barcelona, with the engineer Marcel Graell. The album was mastered by Joost  Van Der Broek at Sandlane Recording Facilities in the Netherlands. The brazillian artist Nathalie Suellen provided the artwork and the photoshoots took place at Virage Studio.
The album, ‘Messenger in a Soulless World’, is inspired by the different aspects of the sensations of the soul, from its creation to its acceptance of death and the presence in life of everything that implies a human being, from its darkest side from the one that prejects more light.

1. If to Die is to Sleep...
2. Genesis
3. Desires
4. Nichts
5. Moon for a Poet
6. Someday
7. Queen of Chaos
8. Trial
9. Angel Dust
10. No Shade of Grey
11. Slaughter of Insane (The Fall)
(Special thanks to Sergio Ainoza)


Official Website:

Maria Rugo - Vocals
Sergio Ainoza - Guitars & Vocals
Marta Coscu - Bass


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