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The Revenge Project, one of the most influential death metal bands in Bulgaria, was founded in 2000 as a side project of several musicians, well known for their work in some top-flight Bulgarian metal bands.
The debut demo "No Chance To See The Sun Again" was recorded in 2002 , along with TRP’s first video to the song “”Anger To Dwell”. The release was followed by numerous live shows with leading Bulgarian metal acts. In the beginning of 2003 The Revenge Project entered Astaroth Studio to record their debut album. At the same time, mainly as a result of the amazing professionalism, demonstrated during the concerts, the musicians got an invitation to be the only warm-up act to play a gig with the German thrash metal legends SODOM. The show, taken place on the 27th of February 2004 in Sofia, contributed for the immense growth of the quintet's popularity in the metal surroundings. SODOM included the concert in Sofia in their DVD entitled ‘Lords Of Depravity’. Meanwhile The Revenge Project released their second demo cannonade, "The End Is Coming...", containing raw versions of four tracks from the forthcoming album.
At the end of July 2004 The Revenge Project shared the stage with the Polish death metal idols VADER. The Revenge Project’s debut album "The Dawn Of Nothingness" was officially released by Stain Studio on May 24, 2005. The band also shot their second videoclip to the song "Growing Mirror”. Following some line-up changes, the band played in Kavarna as a support of the legendary German thrashers DESTRUCTION (26 August 2005). In 2006 the band had many concerts around Bulgaria, including a support to PAUL DI'ANNO (1 July 2006) and CATAMENIA (10 October 2006). 
In 2007 The Revenge Project were invited to play on the prestigious 20 YEARS NUCLEAR BLAST anniversary concert with the likes of AGATHODAIMON, BENEDICTION, EDGUY, AMORPHIS etc. The band’s performance was highly acclaimed by fellow musicians from the above bands and the special guest, Billy Gould (FAITH NO MORE, BRUJERIA). In 2008 TRP recorded and released their second album, "Through Blood and Ashes ", followed by a new video to the song ‘1000 Voices’ that went to become one of the greatest TRP songs ever. The same year TRP participated in the annual SPIRIT OF BURGAS festival, with the likes of SISTERS OF MERCY and CRADLE OF FILTH among others. The success of the band’s second album had a big impact on band’s popularity. In 2009 TRP were invited to play on EXIT festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, the biggest open air one on the Balkans. Soon thereafter, TRP were opening act for one of the biggest bands in extreme metal nowadays, DIMMU BORGIR, particularly on their last show with Mustis and . In 2010 TRP shot their next video to the song "Diseased by Emotions."
The band’s latest album entitled “The Neverending” was released in September 2012. It was preceded by the band’s newest videoclip to date, “Servants of Heaven”.

1. Redeemers and Believers
2. The End of Days
3. Road To Revenge
4. Son of Abyss
5. The Chosen One
6. Monument of Hatred
7. Rise Up
8. Figment Paradise

(Special thanks to Zlatin)



Deimoz - guitar, vocals
Staffa - guitar, vocals
Articorse - bass, vocals
Kustev - drums
MaxPain - vocals


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