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Elyose dates back to the 2009 timeframe when French classical vocalist Justine Daaé and bass player Ghislain Henry met in Paris. They put together an EP which got instant acclaim from reviewers and music fans around the world. It was hailed as bringing a defiantly fresh take on gothic-symphonic metal, thanks to a more contemporary interpretation of the sound and some dance-oriented electronics.
This big amount of media attention led the band, while still very young, to hit the road for some well-received live gigs at prestigious venues such as « La Boule Noire » or « La Scène Bastille » in Paris. Elyose shows drew strong attention and developed a solid core of loyal and passionate fans.
2010 was devoted to writing new material and refining the line-up. By December, drummer Patrick Cazu joined the band, and Elyose worked over 6 month from January 2011 to finalize its debut album. In May, Elyose played again in Paris and toured in Belgium.
In the month of July, during 5 weeks, the band recorded and self-produced its debut album « Théogyne » at Piste Rouge Studio in Brussels. This record gets off the beaten track offering metal music that is difficult to classify, which combines classical and electronic arrangements. Enchanting, mischievous atmospheres and heavy incisive guitar riffs follow on from each other. A strong portion of the lyrical work is done in sensuous French and the vocals are mainly operatic, sometimes soaring, sometimes distilled in a shivering breath.
Elyose was joined by a new guitarist Antoine Bouchet at the end of 2011 and, right after the release of « Théogyne » on March 1st 2012, was chosen by THERION as direct support band for the 21 gigs of their european tour in fall, on the occasion of their 25th anniversary and their new album release « Les Fleurs du Mal ». Elyose played in Paris and toured in Belgium before diving into uncharted territory. 
This tour, which went across 12 european countries (and Le Bataclan in Paris), was a privilege for the band to get known in optimal conditions (lighting/sound) in front of crowds from 500 to 1300 people. It was also a golden opportunity to refine live performances and come back stronger than ever.
In early 2013, the band started to write the second album, and performed a few shows in France (including a headlining show in Paris) to road test their new songs. The new Elyose is heavier, with a greater emphasis on dynamic music and live instruments.
In November 2013 , Elyose welcomed Marc De Lajoncquière as their new guitarist, and in February 2014 hit the stages of France, England and the Netherlands for the eights shows of the « Théogyne Final Tour 2014 » supporting former Nightwish singer TARJA TURUNEN. 
2014 was dedicated to finishing the second album’s post-production, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Tower Studio between summer 2014 and early 2015. Elyose’s first music video « Rédemption » - which is a short movie written by Pat Kzu - was shot in December 2014 and released in May 2015, one month before the second album, which ultimately is titled « Ipso Facto » and distributed worldwide by Season of Mist. 
Reviews unanimously call « Ipso Facto » heavy, modern, original, and an evolutionary leap from the previous release. The album’s French lyrics still provide a sultry charm, while still conveying emotion that transcends language.

-IPSO FACTO- (2015)
1. Fragrances
2. Femme de verre
3. De guerre lasse
4. L'animal-aimé
5. Plus qu'humain
6. Chronocide
7. Mon charme
8. Rédemption
9. Pour un écu
10. Droit dans les yeux
11. Contretemps

(Special thanks to Justine)


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Justine Daaé: vocals
Ghislain Henry: bass
Marc De Lajoncquière: guitars
Pat Kzu: drums


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