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AURA - charismatic sympho power-speed metal band. Magnificent female and male vocals, catchy melodies and lyrics in Russian create incredible energy. AURA formed in early 2009. In late 2009, the band recorded a demo album (4 songs you can listen here - "Hozyaika run", "Solntce-vesna", "Melodiya", "Deti oblachnoy strani"). In 2010, the song "Hozyaika run" (metal version) was re-recorded and released on DVD in the Dark City magazine № 57/2010 (July / August) edition of 11,500 copies. In 2012 the song "Hozyaika run" also was released on CD-compilations, such as VA Russian Operatic Voices(2012) and VA Beautiful Female Voices from Russia and Ukraine CD2 (2012). In September 2012, the band released a new EP "Cometa", which included three songs from the upcoming album: "Cometa", "Oasis", "Prorochestvo". February 14, 2013 the band released a new single, "Prizrak sudbi". In 2012-2013, the band recorded a full-length album, named "Inspiration". It was released on September 25, 2013. December 31, 2014 band releases new single and first official music video "Sun-spring". The band maintains an active concert schedule, always acting in the best clubs in Moscow, St.Petersburg and other cities. Shared the stage with: Xandria (GER), Arida Vortex, Andem, Boni Nem, Arctida, The Arrow and many others. Concert organizers, journalists, musicians from the other teams, and just listeners repeatedly marked stunning brightness and powerful drive live shows of AURA.

1. Eternal flame
2. Air Ram!
3. Polyushko-pole

(Special thanks to Valeriy Vedischev )

*This EP dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Soviet victory in the Great Patriotic War and World War II.


Official Website:

Valeriy Vedischev - keys, music, lyrics
Svetlana Berseneva - vocals
Alex Lyutiy - vocals
Nikita Grinko - guitar
Nikita Kashirskih - guitar
Grigoriy Kuznecov - bass
Semion "Starshine" Starshinov - drums


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