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Silence Lies Fear - modern melodic death metal band from Baku, Azerbaijan Republic.
The band has recorded and released a debut album in 2012.
Silence Lies Fear was founded in 2008 by Jakhangir Zeynalov and Asim Rahimov.
They both loved death metal, so they've started to use and combine their thoughts to create heavy music. In their tracks they have a lot of melodic riffs and solos, which will touch your soul and let you feel the harmony of your mind. From time to time destroying this feeling with a brutal riffs. As if a moment ago you were floating in a calm water, but right now there's a storm ahead. Drums are saturated with drum fills, blast beats, and a massive double bass work to create a feeling of thunder and lightning and make you move your feet trying to grab something steady. The vocals are mostly growls and screams trying to show you how desperate the situation is, the depression, and clean vocals at times, because there is always some hope left. Lyrics cover topics of war, feelings, death, depression and etc. Currently the band finished second full lenght album which was mixed and mastered by Mr. Jacob Hansen (Hansen Studios) in 2014 and was released on 14th june 2015.

1. Beyond Reality
2. The Return
3. Facing the Creator
4. Prophet
5. Son of Universe
6. Perfect Substance
7. Andromeda: Seed of Thoughts
8. The Divide
9. Silence
10. Path of Mind and Madness
11. Abiogenesis
12. The Escape

(Special thanks to Jakhangir)



Elmar Asadullayev - vocals
Jakhangir Zeynalov - guitar
Zakir Qasimov - guitar
Nargiz Shahmuradova - bass 
Asim Rahimov - drums


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