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Bog[~]Morok started by Morok as a one-man-project back in 1997. He was full of desire to make loud, fast and technically sophisticated music. Some kind of death/black metal. Morok recorded three demos before releasing the first album named "Azoic" in 2003 on the CD-Maximum label. At that time Bog[~]Morok transformed from one-man-project into a real band, that played death/doom metal with strong influences of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and other bands like these, but with slight touches of modern metal and industrial. After that Morok decided to change the band's style once again. He was searching for a unique sound and musical structures. The objective was to make something different from everything one can ever listen to.
The efforts resulted in the album named "Stadiae II" released by More Hate label in 2005. Actually, it is one of the best album in Bog[~]Morok 's discography. It's very personal and diverse, including such styles as: dark-metal, industrial, cyber-metal and goth-metal. This was where Morok found some truly unique sound which one could call Bog[~]Morok's own personal style.
Then there was "Syn.thesis" (Sound Age, 2007), the album, which largely formed the band's unique style. The album "Decadence" (2010) was recorded with absolutely new line-up and it sounds quite different from the previous ones. Nu-metal with some touches of industrial and really heavy sound, with most of the lyrics written in Russian. 
The album "Неизбежность" ["Imminence"] was released in 2012 by Russian industrial label Artificial Sun. It contains three new tracks, re-recorded song from "Stadiae II" album, cover on Michael Jackson's song "Scream" and a lot of remixes made by Morok and friends from other bands. This album shows the other side of Morok's creation. After that live album "Live in Fishburg" was recorded and now it is available for free download
Now Bog-Morok presents a new album called "Industrialypse". The best album the band ever recorded! It is fast and really heavy although it's filled with lots of synths and samples, melodic and personal, diverse and stylish at the same time. It is real industrial metal. Don't miss your chance to hear the music that does not leave you indifferent!

-SEVEN- (2015)
1. Steam
2. Abandoned
3. Darxyde [Zombie Hunter, pt. III]
4. Cold Hell
5. Berenda Slough
6. Hollow Men [pt. I]
7. Dead Train
8. The Grey Sky of My City
9. The Hollow Men [pt. II]
(Special thanks to Morok)



Morok - vocal, guitars. bass, synths


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