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Drakum was born at the end of 2009, after more than a year looking for the right members. During the year 2010 we were immersed in the composition of songs and recording our first demo “Around The Oak”. In 2011 we have been promoting “Around The Oak”, receiving very good reviews, and started playing live shows. We opened for the russian band Arkona in their way through Barcelona and won a band contest, Goblin Fest 2011. In 2012 we continued doing gigs and festivals, and participating in more band contests, arriving to semi-finals in W:O:A Metal Battle Spain and winning Devilfest ’12. Also started to record our first LP. In 2013 we continued with the recordings of our full length and, after some member changes, continued with more gigs, for the first time outside our frontiers, participating in MetalDays ’13 (Slovenia) and Carpathian Alliance Metal Festival ’13 (Ukraine). In 2014 we have released our first album “Torches Will Rise Again” and the official music video for “Around the Oak” and played in Underwall Fest (Croatia) and again in MetalDays ’14 (Slovenia). Plans for 2015: presentation tour of the album and recording a new work.

-TROLLMIN- (2015)
1. Introll
2. Wall of Deadly Trolls
3. Magic Potion of the Evil Jester
4. Troll Recipe
5. Drunk Troll
6. Outroll

(Special thanks to Javi)


Official Website:

Javi (Voice & vocal harp)
Jose Luis (Bass & choirs)
Feni (Guitar)
Marc (Guitar)
Caleb (Violin & choirs)
Üri Bokskog (Whistles, Bagpipe & Backing Singer)
Xavi (Drums)


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