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Accelerator hail from Athens, Greece. Originally formed in 2007 under the name Deceiver by key members Nicholas Adam (guitars) and George Pagonakis (drums), the band started by covering songs of their favorite bands in small venues. The then-lineup also included Mike Livas (vocals) and Spiros Stikas (bass, now in Sacral Rage). 
The need for composing their own material quickly surfaced, and their first demo was recorded in 2009 and released in 2010, receiving praise from the national press. The 3 songs were technical and fast, influenced by the likings of Watchtower and Rage. During the recordings, Spiros left the band and was replaced by Dimitris Anagnostou. The band went on to play numerous live shows, including openings for cult legends like Tokyo Blade and Demon. In 2011 Mike decided to leave the band, which forced Accelerator to go in a 2-year long hiatus. 

In 2013 the band resurfaced, Nicholas took care of the vocals, and the members started to show new influences in the rehearsals. The 9 songs included in their debut album were finished by the summer of 2014, and recorded within 2 months. The new material is more heavy metal oriented, with a retro sound, captured by engineer Mike Meleteas. During the recordings, Tasos Mantis joined the band as a second guitarist, enhancing the album with his distinct guitar sound.

1. Higher Than the Sky
2. By the Blade
3. Warchildren
4.Final Destination
5. A Heavenly Quest
6. The Bells of Notre Dame
7. On Through the Night
8. Accelerator
9. I Take My Path

(Special thanks to George)



Nicholas Adam: Guitars/Vocals
Tasos Mantis: Guitars
Dimitris Anestis: Bass
George Pagonakis: Drums


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