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Human Desolation was formed in early 2008 in Stockholm by an experienced and unique quintet. The band name relates to the post-apocalyptic theme observed in the lyrics and artwork, as well as in the performing act. This concept together with powerful and dynamic vocals mixes perfectly with skilled melo-death mayhem created by the guitars and bass, all this is backed up by technical and fast drumming. The vision is to create aggressive and expressive music without compromises by putting big effort into the whole spectrum of the material.
The starting point for Human Desolation was back when compatriots and bandmates Kristian Reunanen and Miika Hakomäki in 2007 decided that they wanted to build something completely new, without being held back. Fredrik Danielsson was the first to join this innovative concept in december that same year, after several other guitarists had been tested. Their positive and hard-work-oriented attitude was, together with skillful playing, the crucial elements through which the trio started to compose new songs. While fiercely auditioning new potential members, the choice was made easy when the colossus Fredrik Iggfors confidently marched into the rehearsal room in february 2008, putting the seemingly never-ceasing hunt to an end. Heavy and aggressive bass was still lacking, but when the bold youngster David Green joined in July 2008, the line-up was finally complete.
The first and critically acclaimed self-titled demo was released shortly after the band had been put together. This opus starts with an atmospheric intro, before diving into the now true sound of desolation, with the only flaw being that it only lasts for 16 minutes. Reviewers soon concluded that Human Desolation is more honest and interesting than most others out there.
After this success the anticipated second EP “Project Wasteland” was released in June 2010. This vigorous creation proves that Human Desolation has both the ability and mindset to explore new realms and further expand the genre. Leaving no one disappointed by retaining the original sound, "Project Wasteland" is just as neck breaking and brutal as it is striking. Since both guitarists are certified and skilled audio engineers, this five track EP was recorded in their own studio, and mixed by the utmost competent dito Joy Deb. The Artwork was made by Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, God Forbid, Manowar etc.). Both records are currently available through several major networks such as: Amazon, iTunes, Napster and Spotify.
In early 2011, with new and even more complex material, together with a solid confidence in their overall appearance, Human Desolation was about to blast off for real. They performed live at the Metaltown festival in Gothenburg with bands like; At the Gates, Parkway Drive, Soilwork, KoRn, Meshuggah and System of a Down. This opportunity was made possible by Scandinavias biggest metal magazine; "Close-Up", that voted HD as one of Sweden's top four demo-bands, and "Best in Sweden" that month. This also meant a feature in the February issue as well as a track on the enclosed CD. The gig calendar was soon to be filled with countless shows, serving the hungry audiences with ferocious shows.
The next release will undoubtedly take this fearless five-piece to the next level. Rest assured that the experience will be even more flawless as constant refining of the current sound is the primary aim. 
This is melodic death metal at it's peak - prepare to get desolated!

1. Paradigm Shift (Intro)
2. Afterlife
3. Madworld
4. Sienipilvi
6. Fear and Loathing
7. Hybrid Haven
8. I Am Evil
9. Frostbite
10. Landscapes
12. Judgement Pathos

(Special thanks to Kristian & Fred)



Kristian Reunanen - Vocals (2008-present)
Fredrik Danielsson - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Fredrik Iggfors - Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Daniel Severinsson - Bass
Miika Hakomäki - Drums


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