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Ciconia - Instrumental, progressive rock and metal hailing from Spain
Influenced by bands such as Opeth, Anathema, Long Distance Calling, Porcurpine Tree,Liquid Tension Experiment and even a touch of stoner rock, Ciconia blend the guitar sounds of classical rock and metal throughout their tracks, creating a unique sonic experience. It is a whole different way of living and looking at music.
In November 2013, the first studio album ‘The Moon Sessions’ was recorded, which was released early 2014 receiving great response from music enthusiasts worldwide.Now it´s time for the new album "Winterize"2016.

-WINTERIZE- (2016)
1. Snowfields
2. Eloina's Inn
3. Limbus
4. Scarsman
5. The Forgotten
6. A Wolf Never Comes Alone
7. Reel of Trevinca
8. Forestwalk
9. Fiadeiro
10. Towards the Valley

(Special thanks to Kostya)



Jorge Fraguas - Bass
Aleix Zoreda - Drums
Javier Altonaga -Guitars


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