viernes, 22 de abril de 2016


The band Nymphill was formed back in late 2009 by the drummer Filip and lead guitarist Marek, after their former band Face Factory broke up. Since then the band went through a few musicians but eventually Andżelika Mrozowicz became the singer and Mateusz Mostowski became the band’s keyboard / synth / piano player. In February 2012 the first demo album „Enjoy the Dark” was released and acclaimed by the public. At the beginning of April former bass player Konrad Tesmer re-joined the band. Not so long after that a new guitarist, Radek Bieganowski has joined. With the new members on board the band focuses on creating heavy metal oriented music and playing concerts.

-FRACTUM LUX- (2016)
1. Comrade in arms
2. Fractum Lux
3. Victoria
4. This is what we missed
5. Cisza
6. Cruise to the Dreamworld

(Special thanks to Filip)



Andżelika Mrozowicz - Female Vocalist
Marek (Ogór) Bronowicki - Guitars
Filip (TormenT) Drahan - Drums
Mateusz Mostowski - Keyboards
Konrad Tesmer - Bass


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