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Abzofran is a metal band from Podgorica, Montenegro.
The band was founded in 2010 (9th May to be more precise) and after going under several line-up changes the band began working on first official 5-song-demo entitled "Liquid Beauty Demo" which was put out last January and is available for free download on several sites, including YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook and others. The demo will also serve as a prelude for Abzofran's first full-length album "Rusted Keys Of Memory" (the album is in the making). The band is looking for a contract with record labels merely to promote our music better, we're not in it for the money necessarily.

-DAWN OF NEON- (2015)
1. Leap of Faith
2. How Much for Freedom
3. Will to Be
4. Working Class Zero
5. Aeon
6. 27
7. The Last of the Mohicans
8. Homo Non Sapiens
9. Mannequin's Eyes
10. Inner Fear
11. Can't Swallow

(Special thanks to Luka)



Luka Boskovic (guitar, vocals)
Stefan Braunovic (guitar)
Veljko Vujovic (bass)
Milos Markovic (drums)


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