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The German Melodic Death Metal band HORRIZON was founded in the year 2005. After serveral member changes in the following years, HORRIZON signed a contract with Yonah Records in 2011 and released the debut album "Time for Revenge".
The reviews on the album were amazing. So the band decided to work on their second album soon. After their gig on the Metalfest West (Germany) in 2012, Martin Gerloff and Peter Gedert once again started composing songs. The second album "Dwelling Within" was finally released in June 2015 and two video clips („Last Masquerade“ and „From the Abyss of Hell). Unlike the debut album, "Dwelling Within" doesn't deal with Northern mythology at all. This time, the lyrics are focused on topics like obsession which is indicated by the album titel. However, there are other changes as well: Martin's vocals are much more versatile than before, the guitar lines are more challenging (but still catchy and melodious), and in addition to the diversity of the songs, a ballad makes the album even more versatile. HORRIZON is currently working on the third album and preparing for the first tour through Russia (September 9 – September 13).

1. Lost in Dreams (intro)
2. Dwelling Within
3. Far Beyond the Horizon II
4. From the Abyss of Hell
5. A Treacherous Beast
6. Whispering my Name
7. Labyrinth
8. The Storm (v.2014)
9. Last Masquerade
10. No More Fear
11. Fading Away

(Special thanks to Martin)


Official Website: http://www.horrizon.de/

Martin Gerloff - Vocals
Peter Gedert - Guitar
Ralf Strzalka - Guitar
Franz Riemann - Bass
... - Drums (Currently looking for a new drummer)


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