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Anguish Sublime is an atmospheric death metal band from Novi Sad, Serbia, formed in 1998 by Aleksandar Crnobrnja (guitar, song writer, etc.) and Arpad Takacs (vocal, lyrics). The band filled all necessary crew slots in 2003 and started rehearsing the repertoire. In the May 2004, Anguish Sublime releases their first demo album named "Among the Raven Skies" consisted of 7 tracks, and for the first time plays in front of live audience. The promotional gig took place at "NS Riders" underground club in Novi Sad, in front of about 180 people who accepted this burst of melodic death metal with obvious thrill and enthusiasm. Anguish Sublime was active till the end of 2007 and has played on numerous gigs, Exit festival, Zajecar guitar competition and many other underground festivals.
In 2008, several members left the band, and the band struggled to maintain it's live presence, by replacing the missing band members. Unfortunately, in the year 2011, Anguish Sublime metamorphoses back to project state, with 3 remaining band members (Aleksandar, Arpad and Andras). Nowadays, Anguish Sublime is doing some occasional work on old and new songs and new releases.

1. Black Moon Diadem
2. Thornwinged
3. Rainfall Epiphany
4. Heart of the Void

(Special thanks to Aleksandar)


Aleksandar Crnobrnja - guitar, song writer, producer
Árpád Takács - Vocal, lyrics
András Ispán - Bass guitar


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