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Herald, founded in 2000, is an Estonian heavy-metal band that has brought the true spirit back to the local metal scene. Their catching live shows, adroit use of instruments and thought-provoking lyrics have successfully incited the interest and respect of teenage rockers as well as long-time metal veterans. Herald’s first LP “Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast” (2005) was followed by dozens of successful gigs in Estonia and Europe.
After some changes to the line ups in 2009, Herald became even more energetic and professional. In 2010 Herald celebrated their 10th anniversary with a second album “Gaia”. The new album can be described as classic heavy metal which is dynamic and diverse. As the lyrics are in Estonian language only it also adds an exotic touch for foreign listeners. “Gaia” has been warmly received by the fans and is a true new landmark in the landscape of Estonian metal music.

-MASIN- (2015)
1. Adrenaliin
2. Meister
3. Masin
4. Kallis Kivi
5. Võõras Omade Seas
6. Tühised Teooriad
7. Tühjust Täis
8. Fööniks
9. Foobia
10. Ussipesa
11. Hõbe ja Kuld
12. Kahe Näoga Mees

(Special thanks to Sven)


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Sven Varkel - vocals
Egert Vandel - guitars
Tauno Nava - guitars
Meelis Endla - bass
Jaan Liinat - drums


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